Setting Sail

Setting Sail
The COMPASS Experience

When you go on an extended journey to a foreign country, you do research and learn as much as you can to make your trip enjoyable and successful. You might need a passport, guidebook, and map to start you off in the right direction. As soon-to-be Navy spouses, you are "setting sail" on a new journey. The Navy may seem like a foreign land with its own language, customs, traditions, health care system, inherent moves, and deployements.

Naval Services FamilyLine's COMPASS program is designed to impact knowledge about this "foreign land" to anew Navy spouses. Empowered with knowledge and realistic expectations, the journey can be successful and rewarding for you and your Sailor.

COMPASS links spouses with available resources, Navy customs and traditions, real life experiences, and provides an opportunity to become acquainted with other spouses. A well-trained Volunteer Team of experienced Mentor spouses share their knowledge, resources, and unique insights of the Navy lifestyle.

"Setting Sail" is a three-hour introduction to the full COMPASS Program, which is normally presented in 12 hours over 3 days. Participants will receive a handbook of resources, information on the COMPASS program (including worldwide locations), and contact information for Mentors. We hope you will join us!

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Setting Sail Locations

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